Friends of Prendergast Vale AGM

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Friends of Prendergast Vale (or FoPV for short) is the School's Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) - and you are automatically a member. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 6.30pm. We are delighted that a member of Headship will be attending, so please do come along.

This will be our first AGM, and we need to elect a Committee. If you are interested – please see the different roles here [link] or contact us at . We also need to find an independent financial auditer of our accounts. Please volunteer – it would only require a few hours of your time each year. Being a member of the Committee is a great way of taking part in school life and meeting other parents. We will also be voting on how to spend some of the money we raised last year.

At this meeting:


1]         Welcome from  / Introductions of those present


2]         Aims and objectives of the Group


3]         Establishing the Friends of Prendergast Vale

[Adoption of constitution (PTA UK model constitution) (attached)

Election of Officers and Committee members (4)




                        Other Officer(s)

Appointment of an Independent Examiner of Accounts for the year ending 31 Aug 2017

Signatories for Friends bank account]


4]         Spending 2015-16 surplus (proposals attached)


5]         Events and fundraising calendar (planning Christmas Fair)


6]         Date of next meeting


7]         Any other business

If you can't come to the meetings, you can be in touch with other parents on our Facebook page, help with events at the school, or join our mailing list

Friends of Prendergast Vale
(Parents, Carers & Teachers Association)

Chair-  Sharon Farnley
Secretary - Harriet Ogborn  Treasurer - Emma Gray